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Museum. This small beach house now serves as the Malibu Lagoon Museum and gift shop, open from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday through Saturday. When you're done exploring the grounds, exit the Adamson House the way you came in and take a left on the sidewalk at the Pacific Coast Highway. 34.0345593, -118.6798954 If you hike down-coast to Malibu Lagoon State Beach it's about 6 miles round trip and about the same 6 miles round trip if you head up-coast to Dan Blocker State Beach. The developed part of Malibu Bluffs Park is mostly a Field of Dreams—that is to say, two absolutely beautiful youth-league-size baseball diamonds Malibu Lagoon State Beach: Address, Phone Number, Malibu Lagoon State Beach Reviews: 4/5. See all things to do. Small-Group Malibu Wine Hike. 209. Wine Tours. from $49.00 per adult. 4.5-Hour Exclusive Malibu Stars Homes & Beautiful Beach Tour. 145. Bus Tours. from $80.00 per adult This family-friendly trail leads to an impressive rock pool nestled between volcanic rock. Enjoy a picnic and a swim or do some cliff-jumping if you're a little more adventurous. The trail starts out from the main parking lot past the ranger station at Malibu Creek State Park. Begin hiking west on Crags Road, a well maintained trail that. Hikes North of Malibu. Now, it is time to show you a series of trails or hikes located north of Malibu. These are some of the best hikes near Malibu (no joke). Leo Carrillo State Park. Distance from Downtown Los Angeles: 45 miles. Contrary to popular belief, the famous Leo Carrillo State Park is located outside Malibu's city limits. But, that.

89 reviews of Malibu Lagoon State Beach This is one of the most interesting & unique parkland spaces I've ever experienced. It covers an area that includes Malibu Creek, the lagoons, Surfrider Beach, Malibu Pier, and the historic Adamson House. (Tip: if you don't mind walking a few blocks, there is plenty of free parking on Malibu Road, behind the plaza where Ralph's is located. Malibu Creek State Park, just 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles, features hiking, fishing, bird watching, mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding opportunities. Fourteen-mile Malibu Creek is the principal watercourse of the Santa Monica Mountains that ends at Malibu Lagoon. Malibu Lagoon Nature Trail and Beach trail. Trailheads to the nature trail and the beach trail are located at the Cross Creek parking lot. For the beach hike, follow the trail around the lagoon to the ocean. From there turn east along the beach to a place named Zonker Harris Memorial Beach. It was named after a Doonesbury comic strip character. The Malibu Lagoon. This is a great place to be a tide pool beginner. In fact, it is a great place to observe nature in general, from the adjacent bird sanctuary to the dolphins and surfers riding the waves. Read about the Malibu Lagoon here. Hikin 95. 61. 148. 12/21/2020. 3 photos. From the ocean side Malibu is an almost uninterrupted beach. In fact, there are a lot of beaches here and for every taste. Rocky, sandy, deserted and crowded ones. Malibu Lagoon has a very good geographical location creating an ideal conditions for surfing

A leisure two-mile loop trail will take you around the lagoon, through tide pools and on to Malibu Pier. At the pier you'll find beach equipment rentals, harbor tours, restaurants and a surf museum. Grab a bite at the pier or picnic on the beach. On the way back visit the Malibu Lagoon Museum or check out guided tours of the historic Adamson. The Malibu Creek empties into the lagoon which then flows into the Pacific Ocean and divides these two beaches. After parking, make your way along the serene trail to the beach passing through the Malibu Lagoon Throughout the trail and from the natural stone maze at the top, hikers can savor views of the Santa Monica and Malibu piers greeting the ocean to the west, the Malibu Lagoon to the south, and the shimmering Los Angeles metropolis down to the east. Paramount Ranch. Photo: National Park Service via Flickr CC / B Malibu Lagoon, basically across PCH from Pepperdine University, is the estuary where the river current from Malibu Creek meets the tides of the Pacific Ocean. The lagoon is a migratory bird rest stop along the Pacific Flyway, and the beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in Los Angeles Country 32111 Mulholland Hwy. 32111 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, USA. Please park in the private lot. There will be a staff member directing parking. Once you park you will go to the silver airstream to check in for your hike. See address & details. 1. Malibu Wine Hikes. Stop: 3 hours - Admission included

Malibu Lagoon State Beach is located on the point formed where Malibu Creek ends at the ocean. Here the creek pools up to form Malibu Lagoon and in the winter the beach berm breaches to allow tidal flows which then separates the lagoon beach from famous Surfrider Beach.. The beach at the lagoon has a parking lot at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Cross Creek Road With the Malibu Lagoon Beach Trail and nature trail, you can get that workout as well as enjoy some of the fantastic nature around the area. Trailheads to these jaunts are located at the Cross Creek parking lot, and from there just follow the hikes around the lagoon to the ocean. More information on the hikes available can be found here A Guide to Malibu Beach Wildlife. From its rocky shores to its deep blue waters, Malibu's natural landscape is much of what makes it such an idyllic destination. But it's not only a haven for visitors and (human) residents — thanks to its unique geographic features, it's also a peaceful sanctuary for the area's beach wildlife El Matador, La Piedra, and El Pescador State Beaches. This is a 2.4-mile hike that is located in the heart of Malibu at one of the cities most famous beaches, El Matador. The beach hike is great for its scenic views that are even more mesmerizing during the early morning or at sunset. The trail is predominantly used for hiking and bird watching 22. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Malibu Lagoon State Beach has a total 110-acre coastal area, also famous as Surfrider Beach. It was selected as a state park in 195. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is situated inside the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation spot. At present, it is familiar as one of the excellent surfing beaches in the whole state

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  1. Malibu, California, best known for its often filmed coastline, is a beach lover's paradise. Whether you are an advanced cyclist hoping to explore the terrain on the back of a bike, or someone.
  2. Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum; Santa Monica Pier; Malibu Country Club; Malibu Village; Connemara Ranch; Malibu Coastal Adventure; Malibu Wine Safaris; Malibu Countryside Wine Hike; Parks & Hiking Trails. Malibu Creek State Park; Point Mugu State Park; Arroyo Sequit; Rocky Oaks; Solstice Canyon; Leo Carillo State Park; Santa Monica.
  3. Find the Best Things To Do in Malibu. Compare Prices and Book Online. Full Refund Available up to 24 Hours Before Your Tour Date. Quick & Easy Purchase Process
  4. Self-Guided Malibu Lagoon and Beach Exploration (K - 12th Grades) Teachers may bring students on their own to Malibu Lagoon and Beach. An interpretive guide of hike and safety suggestions will be sent upon request. Contact the State Park Interpreter: 310/457-8185 Teachers are encouraged to visit the Park prior to their program to orient themselves
  5. Explore the Malibu Lagoon and discover why this area is beloved by hikers, surfers, tide poolers and other coast aficionados. by Erica Garza Where the Malibu Creek pours into the Pacific, the Malibu Lagoon beckons with its wetlands, hiking trails, sandy beach and tidepools
  6. Adjoining the Adamson House is the Malibu Lagoon Museum, which contains a collection of artifacts and rare photographs that depict the various eras of ?The Malibu,? as this section of coastal Southern California was known. The hike: First, follow the nature trails around the lagoon
  7. Hikes in Malibu Creek State Park. Malibu Lagoon State Beach in Malibu. Nicholas Flat via Malibu Springs Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. Mesa Peak from Malibu Canyon Road (Piuma Trailhead) in the Santa Monica Mountains. Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu. Point Dume Natural Preserve in Malibu

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The Rindge Dam in Malibu Canyon, located 2.5 miles north of Malibu Lagoon, where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. During improvements to the Malibu Rancho, the 100-foot-high dam was built in 1925 by May Rindge, with a 574 acre-foot reservoir to control floods and conserve the water of Malibu Creek The Bridges of Malibu Lagoon - Malibu, CA - Without the intervention of a wise judge from San Francisco, June 1 would have marked the end of the Malibu Lagoon bridges and the life associated with.

The Adamson House is a gorgeous 1929 Spanish Colonial residence, estate, and gardens area that's located along the Pacific Coast within the Malibu Lagoon State Beach Park. Taking a tour of the Adamson House Museum is a great way to learn more about the history of this unique area of California and to get a close-up look at this gorgeous house Slightly less traveled than the Malibu Bluff Trail and easier to navigate than the stunning Malibu State Park hikes the Corral Canyon loop starts and finishes at Malibu Seafood, the rustic, legacy-backed seafood homestead since 1972. So while dinner at Nobu and a stroll around the Malibu Lagoon is always a winner, heading further North on PCH. A local's guide to Los Angeles. This Ugly Beautiful City is an itinerary focused travel blog that features travel tips and guides for anyone exploring Los Angeles from a local Angeleno to a first time tourist who is passionate about food, art, and culture 1 campground in Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Malibu Lagoon Campground. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Malibu Lagoon State Beach Campground offers 57 campsites, half of which are designated to just tent camping. All the normal amenities are available, but be aware that the campground is actually a 10 minute trip by car to the beach Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum This circa-1929 Spanish colonial-style home is a beautiful historic museum once home to the Chumash Indians who lived there until the late 18th century. The Adamson House , which is also a National Historic Site, evokes an old-world California feel and is filled with hand-painted frescoes, molded ceilings.

Solstice Canyon Hiking Trail in Malibu, California. Hiking the Solstice Canyon Trail takes you up into the Santa Monica Mountains from Dan Blocker Beach (Corral Beach). This area of the mountains burned years ago taking two interesting Malibu homes with it. The ruins of those homes are both visited on this hike Trail: Hike & Horse Unpaved Road. 1400' 1800' 1200' 1600' 1200' 1600' 1400' P a c i f i c O c e a n. 5 10 405 405 105. 101 101. 27 1 1 27. Malibu Canoga Park Studio City Santa Monica Venice West Hollywood Beverly Hills. Malibu Lagoon SB Topanga SP Los Encinos SHP Will Rogers SB Santa Monica SB Dockweiler SB Kenneth Hahn SRA. 10 2.5 5 7.5 10 Mi. The Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society hosts a kid friendly bird watching walk at Malibu Lagoon State Beach and after our first walk with the bird fanciers, my son and husband were hooked. So off we go on the 4th Sunday of the month to Malibu Lagoon State Beach to meet up with fellow bird watching parents with their kids in tow While Malibu Lagoon State Beach is only a half hour drive from our home in West Los Angeles, we had never been there until a few weeks ago when it became our destination for a fresh air excursion to get out of the house and get some exercise. It was a weekday morning, and as we drove north on Highway 1 through Santa Monica and then Malibu, we noticed relatively few people on the beach-mainly.

The Malibu Lagoon State Park. In the heart of Malibu, this park is perfect for an outing with the family. With a long stretch of sand that stretches from Point Dume to Zuma Beach, it's just what you need! They offer picnic tables and BBQ grills as well so all you have to do is stop by on your way out-of-town Malibu is best accessed by car, although Los Angeles public bus service does run to Malibu. The closest commercial airport is LAX which is about 40 minutes away. Things to do: Malibu Lagoon bird sanctuary near the Malibu Pier. I come to Malibu with one of two mindsets. Given the day, I either want to relax and unwind or I want to get out and. Malibu Point Hiking Distance: 2-Mile Loop Hiking Time: 1 Hour Configuration: Loop Elevation Gain: 100 Feet Difficulty: Easy Exposure: Exposed Oceanfront Dogs: Allowed Maps: U.S.G.S. Malibu Beach Tom Harrison Maps: Malibu Creek State Park Trail Map Malibu Bluffs Open Space Comprises 84 Acres On The Bluffs Between The Pacific Coast Highway And Malibu Road, Directly Opposite Of Pepperdine.

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The Malibu Sportfishing Pier is located at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway. Just north of the pier is Surfrider Beach and Malibu Lagoon State Beach. You can go sport fishing in a 48 foot boat or you can fish off the pier. The pier was originally built in 1905 and first became open to the public 1934 There is also plenty of trail riding available in Malibu Creek State Park, which is comprised of 10,000 acres. Bulldog Rd. and Backbone trail are two popular routes. Check out traillink.com for more information. Where Malibu creek meets the ocean, lies Malibu Lagoon State Park, featuring many fascinating tide pools over 200 bird species

2. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. 23500 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 (805) 488-1827. Malibu State Beach is found at the end of Malibu Creek, where it meets the ocean. Why We Recommend This Beach. One of the best things to do in Malibu is to hang out on the beach, not necessarily to swim. Malibu Lagoon is the perfect spot if you love. The trail repeatedly elevates over 900 feet, moving up and down the ridgelines of mountains. Location. Balancing Rock Trail Head, Canyon View Trail, Malibu, CA 90265. Length. 6.8 miles. Intensity. Intermediate. Solstice Canyon Trail. For a leisurely hike, try the Solstice Canyon Trail Besides the surf, Malibu Lagoon State Beach may have more to do than any other beach in the state of California. This 3 km long beach offers magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful beach with a beach volleyball net. Malibu Countryside Wine Hike is for wine lovers who also want to explore Malibus many wine tasting and tasting. That's the beauty of Malibu, there's always a new hidden nook, tidepool, or hiking trail to discover. Why not gather your favorite people and discover them all together? SOAK UP THE SUN. Surfrider Beach is situated in the Malibu Lagoon, where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. This protected area boasts tidepools at low-tide and.

Apr 4, 2016 - Domain for Sale. MalibuHiking.com. Request Price. What Are the Advantages of a Super Premium .Com Domain? Increased Traffic. Search Engine Ranking. Brand Recognition. Immediate Presence. Higher Profits. Great Investment. #1 in Premium Domains. 300,000 of the World's Best .Com Domains The Malibu Lagoon Campground is located in the breathtaking coastal city of Malibu, California and is an amazing spot for a relaxing camping trip right by the ocean. Amenities. Campers can look forward to onsite activities to keep every member of the group engaged and having fun Landmarks & Historical Buildings. 2903 Cornell Rd. , Agoura Hills, CA. Sometimes there is filming or private events like weddings and such, so the town is blocked off. In 4 reviews. 3. Adamson House. 66 reviews Valley to the Sea—Los Liones Trail Photo taken by Sierra Club hike leader Pixie Klemic. Santa Susana Mountain Park photo by Gayle Dufour . Santa Susana Mountain Park photo by Gayle Dufour . Malibu Lagoon photo by Gayle Dufour . Malibu Nature preserve with lupin photo by Pixie Klemic. Newton Canyon hike Photo taken by Sierra Club hike leader. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is a California state beach located at the terminus of Malibu Creek at the Pacific Ocean, which forms beautiful Malibu Lagoon during the summer months. The beach is accessible via the Pacific Coast Highway, with a parking lot available for visitor use at the highway's intersection with Cross Creek Road

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23200 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA, 90263. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is located in the breathtaking coastal city of Malibu, California and is an amazing spot for a relaxing camping trip right by the ocean. Amenities. Campers can look forward to onsite activities to keep every member of the group engaged and having fun This week we're visiting a beautiful beachfront property in Malibu, California, the historic Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum. This structure is situated on the American Riviera adjacent to Surfrider Beach and the Malibu Pier.It is rich in local history and natural beauty Malibu Farm Cafe: A counter-service cafe, located at the end of the pier, over the Pacific Ocean. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is also known as Surfrider Beach. T he Malibu Lagoon is comprised of 22 acres of wetlands, gardens, and a sandy beach. The lagoon is a great place to explore and watch the wildlife, especially. Jul 4, 2017 - Explore Elta Sharp's board Malibu pier on Pinterest. See more ideas about malibu pier, malibu, pier Hike the Rising Sun Trail, Solstice Canyon. 4.5. 6 mi / 800 ft gain. To reach the trail, head up the stairs from the parking lot, giving glimpses of the coast. In 0.1 miles, after crossing a paved road, turn right onto Rising Sun. For an easier hike through the canyon, take Solstice Canyon Trail, which is a mix of paved road and fire road.

Walks begin at the first footbridge on the main trail to the beach and last about an hour; Walks are FREE and kids and parents are provided with binoculars; Experienced, kid-friendly guides are patient & eager to share their love of birds with little ones; Parking at Malibu Lagoon State Beach is $12 or free if you have a California State Parks. Hike at the Nicholas Flat Trail things to do in malibu via outdoorproject.com. If you are ready for a challenge, we have the perfect proposal. Hike at the Nicholas Flat Trail. The official name of the Surf Rider Beach is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. We know it is too long to remember, but what you will not forget is the amazing waves you. Malibu Creek State Park to Calabasas and Expedition Camp #73 San Francisco Bay Trail Moraga, and Font surveyed the area, and Anza selected the future mission site near a spring and lagoon and named it Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores. The mission was located near the Costanoan Ranchería (village) of Chutchui, and it was the tribes. Escondido falls hike, Malibu: See 31 reviews, articles, and 35 photos of Escondido falls hike, ranked No.26 on Tripadvisor among 40 attractions in Malibu Malibu is part of the 156,000-acre Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a vast space perfect for hiking. In fact, nestled in these hills are some of the most popular hikes in Los Angeles County. Malibu Creek State Park offers 15 miles of waterside hiking plus the opportunity to see the site where the television show MAS*H was filmed.

One of the most iconic surfing point is the Malibu Lagoon: Surfrider Beach. This beach has been featured in a lot of Hollywood movies and music videos. You can also choose to hike Shell Beach Bluff Trail to explore the region. Pirate's Cove Beach. Address: Birdview Ave & Offside Drive, Malibu, CA 90265, United States. 5. Zuma Beach For real local-style shopping outlets, you want to be certain to hit the Malibu Country Mart. Find it sat between the five-star villas and rising Santa Monica peaks just north of the Malibu Lagoon. There, it unfolds like a unique village center. There are no high-rise blocks or dominant department stores 4. Malibu Creek State Park. Malibu Creek State Park is a family friendly park with 15 miles of trails and a few swimming holes. It's also the site of TV shows including Planet of the Apes and M*A*S*H and you can still view some of the old cars from the set if you stay on Crags Road.Like Escondido Falls, the water level is low but the swimming holes are deep enough to dip into She and her brother and sister would boat in the lagoon and hike the trails of Malibu, Rhoda May's granddaughter Deborah remembered. Adamson House was definitely ranchy then. They had chickens.

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Directions: Malibu Lagoon State Park is at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Cross Creek Road, west of Malibu Creek. We meet at the first footbridge on the main trail to the beach Book your tickets online for Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu: See 232 reviews, articles, and 208 photos of Malibu Lagoon State Beach, ranked No.10 on Tripadvisor among 40 attractions in Malibu The best things to do in Malibu. Hit the beach, hike through the hills, go wine tasting and more with our picks for the best things to do in Malibu along with the Malibu Lagoon Museum, inside.

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A Trish Out of Water. The art of wildlife and landscape photography. Category: Malibu Lagoon Beach Malibu Lagoon Beac Malibu Lagoon State Beach is opened with reduced available parking. As a reminder, Californians are encouraged to avoid road trips and stay close to home, maintain physical distancing, wear a face covering when a physical distance of six feet from others who are not from the immediate household members cannot be maintained, and avoid congregating Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum: Tickets & Tours‎ Malibu Wine Hikes offers scenic hiking tours of Saddlerock Ranch Estate. Tucked in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains the estate boasts over 1,000 acres of land, vineyards, horse pastures, agriculture and wildlife. Here, two labels (Semler and Saddlerock) are produced, including.

Malibu Lagoon 0 1000 2000 Feet MALIBU B O U N D A R Y CITY Amarillo Beach M A L I B U R D CANYON HIGHWAY PAC IF C COAST DSM, Revised 8/02 N Sources: CCC Public Access Database, Malibu/Santa Monica Mountains Area Plan, LA County Parks and Recreation, 1983. Map Note: The information presented on this ma The Malibu Lagoon is a coastal wetland, an environment that once covered 95 percent of Southern California. The 31-acre bay sits at the end of the Malibu Creek Watershed and empties into the Pacific Ocean at Malibu's Surfrider Beach, which gets about 1.5 million visitors a year. The lagoon is now only a portion of what it once was Malibu, California. Many consider it the best beach town in the Los Angeles area. Check out the best things to do in Malibu -- from hiking and shopping to eating and spending the night

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Adamson House, or Vaquero Hill, as it was known in the 19th century, is an estate bordering Malibu Lagoon State Beach park famous for its design and its grounds. It has been called the Taj Mahal of Tile because of its extensive use of decorative ceramic tile, all produced locally in Malibu A short drive from the Malibu Fishing Pier and Malibu Farm, is the underrated Point Dume State Beach. Point Dume is perfect for a laidback hike, with jaw dropping views. The 1.4 mile hike was perfect to digest the food I just had, and to get some fresh air Visit the adjacent Malibu Lagoon Museum (no website; 23200 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu; 818-880-0363) and explore the history of Malibu from the time of the Chumash Indians more than 10,000. Malibu Memories (Pt. Dume) 6 x 6 inch oil painting . Creekside in Malibu (Malibu Creek State Park) 11 X 14 oil on linen . Malibu Creek State Park Hike 12 x 16 oil: Sunset Eucalyptus on the Bluff 16 x 20 inch oil painting : To Walk Through Hills of Gold 18 x 24 oil painting: Mt. Boney - Conejo Valley 16 x 20 oil painting: Malibu Lagoon 11 x 14. Malibu Lagoon is a tidal lagoon, and one of the few wetland habitats in Southern California. The lagoon has faced tremendous pressure from development in the surrounding area causing the ecosystem to become impaired. From 2012-2013, Malibu Lagoon underwent a substantial habitat restoration, which makes it a fascinating area to study for.

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Malibu Bluffs Park. If you enjoy hiking and running, Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Malibu Lagoon State Beach offers visitors a wide variety of things to do. If you like to relax and enjoy the scenery, plan to pack a picnic lunch and spend your day at the lagoon. Otherwise, take a stroll and go surfing at Surfrider Beach or visit the Malibu. Exhilarating! (But don't forget you have to hike back up later.) Malibu Lagoon State Beach bears an estuary, the Malibu Lagoon, the historic Adamson House and museum, the Malibu Pier, and popular Surfrider Beach which has great waves for surfing Posts about Malibu Creek written by Chukar. We've been really lucky with Rabbit (J. Waterman 4/6/13) the weather for this hike; I can't recall it ever being less than great. Twenty-two of us roamed around the Paramount movie ranch for about 20 minutes, during which time much of the morning fog burned off When you're in Malibu, definitely don't miss out on visiting Leo Carrillo State Park. This lovely park is great for windsurfing, surfing, and swimming. You can also hike on the trails and camp overnight in the campground. The maximum trailer or motorhome length here is 31 feet, and the park spans 1.5 miles of beach

Malibu Paintings - Oil and watercolor paintings of MalibuMalibu Lagoon State Beach Map - ToursMaps1000 Hikes in 1000 Days: Independence Day: Malibu Lagoon

Attractions in Eastern Malibu. The section of Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu Canyon Road is home to many of Malibu's attractions. Malibu Pier - This is a landing page for a variety of attractions at the Malibu Pier, including restaurants, tours, beach rentals, fishing information and more.. Malibu Pier at Malibu Lagoon State Beach - This is the page for Malibu Pier on the State Park's website 8.) Malibu Lagoon. This lagoon starts where Malibu Creek meets the ocean - the lagoon is then formed when the creek pools up. Due to the lagoon and tidal streams, this beach is very different from others in the area and there are also many trails here where are perfect for exploring and birdwatching. 9. Nestled in the dunes, where the Malibu River meets the Pacific is a jaw-dropping antique estate in pristine condition. 10. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. 233. Beaches. Malibu. By PatSnyder. It has a bird preserve, sandy and rocky beaches, surfers, a lifeguard. 11 10. Malibu Lagoon State Beach. 23500 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 (805) 488-1827. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is a local favorite for families because of its kid-friendly features and gentle water. Why Your Family Should Go. If you are traveling with toddlers and younger children, there is no better place to vacation than Malibu Lagoon. Other famous beaches in Malibu great for photo-ops are Point Dume, offering pleasing views of Catalina Island and the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and Surfrider Beach near the Malibu Pier, Malibu Lagoon and Adamson House. Hike Below Pepperdine University, is the Malibu Bluff State Recreational Area, better known as Bluffs Park. The scenic waterfront. Apr 14, 2016 - Explore CA State Parks's board Malibu Lagoon State Beach, followed by 5026 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about malibu, lagoon, beach

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