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Please share the site with your friends. We're creating the best link aggregate site on Earth! More news daily than ANY site out there, making you, the readers of Whatfinger better informed on world events and politics in the U.S. than any other site bar none. That's our pledge to you! Whatfinger News is creating the greatest link news site on Earth. This is a sub-domain for videos, tweeted videos or whatever else we want to put here. faceboo Tokyo Olympics: Italy's Lamont Marcell Jacobs claims shock 100m gold- BBC News. 11 hours ago. DW. Taliban steps up attacks on major Afghan cities as troops withdraw | DW News. 11 hours ago. ILTV News. Your News From Israel. 11 hours ago. RT News. Whatfinger News. This is Page 2 of Whatfinger News - OLDER News from yesterday, day before and so on. For Today's News click Whatfinger News Logo Above... For The Greatest News Aggregate. if it isn't here, it didn't happen.. Unashamed, Unafraid, Unabashed: Super Patriot Mark Keith Robinson Awesome Speech! lenorathompsonwriter.com. Lenora Thompson 17 hours ago in Politics. 1

Breaking News - Whatfinger News' General Dispatch. Breaking News. JUST IN - Newly released CCTV footage shows the moment the Champlain Towers South Condo collapsed in Surfside (Florida) early this morning. June 24 Whatfinger. Contact Whatfinger News: editor@whatfinger.com or whatfingereditor@gmail.com; General Dispatch is a division of Whatfinger News; Main Video. Watch MAGA Memes; Election Commercials; Choice Clips; Humor-Satire. Humor-Satire-Comedy Super Link Page (May take a few extra seconds to load due to the feeds) Humor Clips - Huge selection.

Feed Page - Whatfinger. Mon, 12 Jul 2021 16:42:00 Cuba protests: Thousands rally against government as economy struggles. Mon, 12 Jul 2021 16:20:00 Euro 2020: Jubilant Italy fans celebrate victory over England. Mon, 12 Jul 2021 16:13:00 Covid-19: Dutch PM Rutte 'sorry for easing restrictions too soon'. Mon, 12 Jul 2021 15:26:00 Jacob Zuma. Whatfinger News is creating the greatest link news site on Earth. This is a sub-domain for videos, tweeted videos or whatever else we want to put here With more news and now vids as well from more sources than any other business news site - CLICK HERE Tomorrow, the national CDC eviction moratorium expires and housing advocates are warning that the U.S. is about to see a massive flood of evictions and a devastating surge of homelessness, as the ban was the only barrier protecting millions of. Whatfinger News; Humor Clips; Humor-Satire Index; Your Header Sidebar area is currently empty. Hurry up and add some widgets..

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Feed Page 4 - Whatfinger. Whatfinger. Wed, 14 Jul 2021 18:32:00 Governor Abbott Bribes Charter Plane Pilot To Take Texas Democrats Back To California. Wed, 14 Jul 2021 18:07:00 'Voter ID Is The Greatest Attack On Democracy', Says Man Trying To Seize Complete Federal Control Of Elections Whatfinger News: Everything is so easy for everyone in a current tech environment.From watching a game to purchasing goods, we can do practically anything online. Several trustworthy news sources, such as whatfinger news, now offer their consumers the ease of online news Oil prices tumble under $70 a barrel. July 19, 2021. This Toxic Protein Is Commonly Found In Kitchens Across America. Promoted Content. Watch The Video. 145. Promoted Content. 968. • Promoted Content Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from FOXNews.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology. Welcome to Whatfinger News The main news page can be found by clicking here. It is the best link news site on Earth. Yes..we're biased in that description, but we're honest. Try it out. This section though is the video and blog sub-domain of Whatfinger News. Originally it was our own personal thumbs up, thumbs down or the [

Readers - We are experiencing Technical difficulty, but you can still post your links to our new, better site that we are migrating all of this to - right here at Whatfinger. It's called Linkshare - CLICK HERE and you can post links as well as start threads for convos Whatfinger News. Being able to watch OAN, a very good news network as alternative to the Mainstream Media, is a good thing. I love This sight And also I The quarantine Sections. I have not missed one rally I watch them at my convenience with this app. Also I Freeze the rally app and go back and review what he has said Local Matters: Fight breaks out after protestors interrupt town hall in California. 11 hours ago. CBS Trump, House Democrats working to resolve dispute on Deutsche Bank subpoenas. 3 weeks ago. Politics

Americans want voting to be easier, also worry about election fraud. 3 weeks ago. Domestic Surfing & Exploring Whatfinger News. As you read: you'll notice e ach bl ock of links is divided by site logos or graphics in each larger headline column (like the long center column to the left). These blocks of links usually have 3-4 political articles and 2 or 3 'topic' articles such as Election 2020, World, U.S. News: Civ-Clash, Sci-Tech etc

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  1. Download Whatfinger News PC for free at BrowserCam. Whatfinger News published Whatfinger News for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Whatfinger News for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac
  2. Whatfinger has a tagline that reads: The Relentless Pursuit of Creating The Greatest Aggregate Link News Site On Earth. According to their about page: Whatfinger News was founded by military people and 100% unapologetic for being patriotic. That doesn't mean we don't show opposing views, sites, and papers
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Bitcoin rallies after dropping below $30,000 on China crackdown. 3 weeks ago. Business One America News Network OAN delivers a credible source for national and international news 24/7, including breaking political, business and entertainment headlines

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Whatfinger. Whatfinger; General Dispatch; whatfinger mag; Main Video. Choice Clips; Humor-Satire. Humor-Satire-Comedy Super Link Page (May take a few extra seconds to load due to the feeds) Humor Clips - Huge selection - all topics; News. Entertainment and Sports; Science and Technology; US News; World News; Left Wing Vid (Corrects quote in paragraph 16 to faster twitch muscle from fast, rich muscle) WELLINGTON (R) -Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics after being selected by New Zealand for the women's event at the Tokyo Games, a decision set to reignite a debate over inclusion and fairness in [ Recent Posts. Humor Clips. wait for i 1 min ago. YouTube. DW News. 2.67M subscribers. Subscribe. More than one million dead in Latin America as variants spread | COVID-19 Special. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute

Newsmax.com reports today's news headlines, live news stream, news videos from Americans and global readers seeking the latest in current events, politics, U.S., world news, health, finance, and more 88% (70,174) Not sure. 3% (2,557) Promoted Content. Plug This Into Your Car, Wait 2 Minutes, And Watch What Happens To Your Fuel Tank. Promoted Content. Find Out More. 4,246. Promoted Content Tanker attack: US, UK join Israel in accusing Iran of being behind attack • FRANCE 24 Englis Whatfinger News is an online news aggregate website of links, stories, alternative observations the mainstream fake media would never cover. Similar in concept to the successful Drudge Report however truly unique and decidedly conservative, unlike Drudge. In addition, ten times the content with labels pointing out the sources as 'Leftwing' and crucial opinion accompanying many headlines Whatfinger News does link to more well-known conservative and independent sources such as Breitbart News, the Washington Examiner, USA Today, and The Epoch Times. This idea is not new, there are many websites like Drudge , Citizen press free , etc. which work on the same concept

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send news tips to drudge. visits to drudge 8/04/2021 021,742,356 past 24 hours 578,669,085 past 31 days 8,154,700,720 past year reference desk. email: drudge@drudgereport.com. be seen! run ads on drudge report.. Joe Biden's Hilarious History of Blurting Out EMBARRASSING Truths. Joe Biden issued a clarification supposedly written by him that he didn't mean what he clearly said when he flat out stated that that he wouldn't sign the infrastructure deal unless the reconciliation pork package was also passed. Many commentators were wondering why.

Whatfinger News is creating the greatest news aggregate site on Earth. NEW: Welcome to our BMC page. If you love what we do, buy us a coffee, or two or three. We appreciate every cup, being the news junkies that we are. Takes a lot of caffeine to beat out the best news sites on Earth. Thanks to you, we're doing it! Sgt Pat, Sgt K, Mike, Chrissy RT News. Pfizer and Moderna going for a hike | US pharma giants raise prices amid pandemic. RT News. Commemorative Mass from the Beirut Port Main Esplanade, Lebanon. Categories. BBC; DW; France 24; ILTV News; World News Vids; Main Video; Conservative News; Whatfinger News. US News 'Beauty fades, dumb is FOREVER': Maxine Waters DROPPED for trying to throw the CDC under the bus because SHE didn't do HER job . COVID-1 HELP US FIGHT COMMIES, FAKE NEWS, BIG TECH CENSORSHIP, AND SAVE AMERICA! — SUPPORT THE LIBERTY DAILY!!! Anti-Face: NIH Director Francis Collins Wants Parents to Wear Unhealthy Woke Masks INSIDE THEIR OWN HOMES — Despite Science Showing Masks Completely Worthless in Stopping Viruses Sports nuts - see Whatfinger Sports daily, with more news and videos from more sources daily than any other Sports site - CLICK HERE. Add comment. Top Vids. AOC calls out Democrats as federal eviction moratorium expires. Property owner Alan Hammer on the impact the end of the eviction moratorium is having on landlords across the U.S

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Whatfinger. 1,112 likes · 3 talking about this. The relentless pursuit of creating the greatest aggregate link news site on earth. Email editor@whatfinger.com if you want to contact us Donate to Whatfinger and support independent news that shows it all. The Left has us shadow-banned everywhere for a reason. They do not want you to know the truth or the facts that are not under their biased control. Click Donate above for any number of coffees :) We appreciate it since not many click on ad

Conservative Blog & Conservative News Source for Right of Center Activists 08/03/2021 20:03:02 P ES Wokesters' Nightmare: Almost all of the Olympic medal winners are patriots - 8/3/21 August 3, 2021 The U.S. flag-wavers outnumber the U.S. flag-haters by a truly huge margin on the Olympic podiums. PJ Media is a leading news site covering culture, politics, faith, homeland security, and more. Our reporters and columnists provide original, in-depth analysis from a variety of perspectives. 08.

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The media bias rating for Whatfinger News is Right. Whatfinger is an news aggregator with a far-right bias. While they include sources from left-leaning publications, their added commentary skews heavily in favor of conservatives The case brought by Garland Favorito hinges on 'discovery' to determine if Fulton County election workers, the defendants in the case, scanned absentee ballots multiple times through tabulators, as appeared to be the case with State Farm Arena's CCTV video surveillance from election night Whatfinger Money exists due to the countless readers of Whatfinger News asking us over and over to expand the business section at Whatfinger. Unfortunately we have too many links there daily, more than any other site and adding any more would not work for many reasons so Whatfinger Money is born. This is a work in progress started up 1. KOMO 4 TV provides news, sports, weather and local event coverage in the Seattle, Washington area including Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Kent, Tacoma, Bremerton, SeaTac. It makes sense that @JoeNBC is trying to puff @AVindman on TV because Joe Scarborough is pretty much the Lt. Col. Vindman of cable news. Reply on Twitter 1422649779092344837 Retweet on Twitter 1422649779092344837 163 Like on Twitter 1422649779092344837 60

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  1. Whatfinger, in fact, has grown to well over 16-million page views a month - which is more than the next six-plus news aggregates combined and second only to Drudge
  2. Townhall is the leading source for conservative news, political cartoons, breaking stories, election analysis and commentary on politics and the media culture. An information hub for conservatives.
  3. ★★★ YOUR PATRIOT PATH TO FREEDOM! ★★★ Leftists are starting to panic! It's rather obvious from what they're saying the Arizona audit! In this video, we're going to look at the latest, shall we say, conspiracy theory..

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Whatfinger News. 3.4 k Gabs 247 Followers 55 Following. About. Member since January 2021. New to Gab? Sign up now to speak freely. Log in Sign up. Help. Support Just the News! Courts & Law. Federal court of appeals upholds vaccine mandate at Indiana University . Federal Agencies. Biden administration extends Trump-era policy allowing illegal immigrants to be expelled amid COVID. Nation. Children stopped at U.S.-Mexico border likely hit record-high in July, feds report

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Revolver News | WINSTON 84 PROJECT Revolver News The mission of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The MRC is a research and education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to the MRC are tax-deductible Real America's Voice is your 24/7 news and entertainment network. JUST REAL NEWS & HONEST VIEWS! WATCH ON DISH CH 219 · PLUTO TV CH 240 · ROKU · SAMSUNG TV PLUS 1029 · SELECT TV CH 106 · APPLE TV · FIRE TV

On Sunday, thousands took to the streets across Cuba in a remarkable show of defiance against the far-left government. Protesters, many of whom were seen waving American flags, called for democracy and chanted: Freedom! On Monday, Diaz-Canel addressed the nation and pointed the finger directly at the United States Conservative news, social commentary and breaking stories. Up-to-date election and legislation news

Asked by ABC News' George Stephanopoulos if Cuomo should step down in that event, Biden replied, Yes. I think he'll probably end up being prosecuted, too, he added GA: Man Shoots 1 of Group Breaking into Car - Sunday Jul 11 2021 08:17. Episode #381 - 'Despotism Down Under' with guest Ethan Nash - Sunday Jul 11 2021 08:17. Israel Sends Nepal Vital Supplies To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic - Sunday Jul 11 2021 08:09. Nick Fuentes Gets Kicked Out Of CPAC - Sunday Jul 11 2021 08:09 News and information for people who love America. Latest stories. After vilifying police, Portland unsurprisingly can't find officers to fill unit to fight soaring crime Phil Shiver. 5m. Brown University's Dr. Megan Ranney declares: 'We are never going to go back to a pre-pandemic reality

Whatfinger News · @Whatfingereditor 2 hours ago · 274. Former church pastor now makes $100K a month as life-coaching stripper. Former church pastor now makes $100K a month as life-coaching stripper Nikole Mitchell ditched her life as a pastor in Ohio three years ago and now lives in California, making a living in the sex industry. https. covid-19 news Active COVID cases top 1,000 The number of active coronavirus cases in Wyoming grew to more than 1,000 on Tuesday, the highest number recorded since early February The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news publication providing its audience with original reporting, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news

LibertyNation.com original Conservative News and commentary that is bold and edgy. Daily Conservative News at Liberty Nation: where TRUTH IS MAKING A COMEBACK By signing up to the Blaze News newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from Blaze Media that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. All stories. Two more police officers who responded to Jan. 6 Capitol riot have committed suicide — bringing total number who've taken their own lives to fou

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An online christian news publication with the latest headlines relevant to Christians. News, stories and information updated daily from a Christian worldview The Federalist is a web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion. Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray Whatfinger News - the Conservative News Frontpage of the Internet. Technocracy News & Trends - for daily updates on the drive toward global governance. Sign up for email alerts. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email

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No One June 6, 2021 at 1:29 pm. Well tailored suits confuse the imbeciles. 7. TigerEyes June 6, 2021 at 2:08 pm. No, it was probably Biden who wore his pants backward, or not at all. 2. TRF June 6, 2021 at 3:40 pm. ^^^ That's cuz he needs to be able to open his zipper when he talks out of his ass! 2 RealClearPolitics (RCP) is an independent, non-partisan media company that is the trusted source for the best news, analysis and commentary Maine's premier news source. With local news from across the state, opinion, obits, and political coverage, The Bangor Daily News brings Maine together

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Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from OANN.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology. Share five inspirational Quotes of the Day with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Enjoy our Brainy, Funny, Love, Art and Nature quotes WHATFINGER NEWS; VIDEOS; Search for: Watch: Woman Screaming For Help is Abducted in Front of Men Who Simply Watch and Do Nothing at All June 28, 2021 BFH Uncategorized 49. Previous article. Next article By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: News With Views, P.O. Box 990, Spring Branch, TX, 78070-9998, https://www.newswithviews.com. You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Emails are serviced by Constant Contac Verse of the Day. Bible /. Verse of the Day. Loading... Tuesday, July 13 Matthew 7:13-14 13 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Read Matthew 7

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The Truth Must be Told Your contribution supports independent journalism Please take a moment to consider this. Now, more than ever, people are reading Geller Report for news they won't get anywhere else. But advertising revenues have all but disappeared. Google Adsense is the online advertising monopoly and they have banned us. Social media giants.. Politics 'Activist Athlete' Who Protested National Anthem at Olympic Trials Finishes Second to Last in Tokyo Andrew Stiles • August 3, 2021. Hammer thrower Gwen Berry was 'pissed' after.

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Conservative Angle Archives. Conservative HQ. Conservative Political Forum. Conservative Tribune. Daily Rushbo. Discover the Networks. Florida Family Association. Fox News. Fox News Insider The Wisconsin Senate passed several Republican-backed bills on June 9 that would place more restrictions on absentee balloting—which GOP lawmakers have described as measures designed to.

LIVE: President Trump Speaks at Mount RushmoreJoe Biden TOO SLEEPY To Campaign More Than 2 Days In A RowPrager U: White Leftists Act Like Racists (Most areRush Limbaugh Show - Full VIDEO of the Original Great One
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